What is Prototyping? Participate in free event in Copenhagen

By Redaktionen       June 26, 2017 at 11:51:02 PM

We have used prototyping for years now and find that it offers a fantastic opportunity to create faster and more qualified digital value. Furthermore, seeing the initial VR Buzz slowly fading, we think it is maybe time to explore exactly what business value it creates?

Prototyping is now developed to the extent where we can create what looks like real digital solutions. We can bring the project from idea to test-ready product in record time because the idea is that the prototype behaves and looks like a ready-made solution with real content and responsive design that works fluently as a complete solution would. Or as with Renz physical installations that need to be tested.

We want to create solutions that give value. We love new technology, but we are also pragmatic when it comes to "the latest technical thing". VR is one of the technologies that may have great potential when used right. A recently finished thesis explores the challenges and opportunities in using VR as a marketing tool. When does it create value and when is it just So Ein Ding?

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